Theresa’s Art Gallery and Studio

In 1987, Theresa Montoya, a young mother, quit her job as a medical assistant to open an art gallery in her home on the road to Chimayo in New Mexico. The art gallery first showcased Theresa’s southwest oil paintings and her husband Richard’s retablos, an art form he had learned from watching his father and grandfather. The art gallery walls began to fill with an array of art from various local artists. The business grew, and the Montoya family became well known and gained numerous achievements. The Montoya’s’ work is represented in books, publications and posters. Their art is displayed in numerous churches, museums and galleries including the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and the Los Angeles Folk Art Museum. Theresa’s retablo “The Guardian Angel, has traveled the United States with the show “Santeras of New Mexico.” Their children have won awards at Spanish Market and have pieces in the Children’s Permanent Art Collection at the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Theresa’s gallery and studio maintains a large selection of high quality local handcrafted Spanish Colonial and Native American Art, woodcarvings, tin work, weavings, and pottery with the largest collection of Retablos and in New Mexico.