About the Gallery

Theresa and Richard routinely receive calls and letters from people who purchased art from their gallery. Stories where a retablo made a difference in a persons life:

a couple who could not conceive got St. Anthony, the patron saint of fertility, and soon gave birth to a son whom they named Anthony

a woman from back east got her book published after she took St. Gertrude, the patron saint of writers, home with her.

the young girl from southern California who eyesight was restored after her parents took St. Lucy, patroness of eyesight, and got it blessed by a priest

the young single woman from the Midwest who found and married a wonderful man after taking St. Rita, the patroness of women looking for a good husband

the couple from back east who sold their home after getting St. Joseph to intercede for them

the middle aged woman from the east coast whose cancer went into remission when St Roch, Patron saint against cancer, interceded for her